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Ala K. Design House Work

You will find under some of the projects that I created and managed.

I always start my projects by assessing the brand positioning and the client pain.

Then, I move to figuring out more about the target audience and the market competition to come up with solutions to my client with an outstanding brand that is as authentic as possible. 



Amman West Hotel
Brand Creation

Amman West Hotel is all about the westside stories and timeline of the city of Amman.

In this hotel, you get to enjoy the chill and artistic  vibes, mixed with easy living.



John Najarian Fine Jewelry
Brand Building & Marketing

A luxury diamond brand that dares to be different.

I worked on brand positioning, brand creation, marketing and social media appearance. 

Click on the image for John Najarian Instagram account or Check out the launch campaign:

Screen Shot 2021-11-16 at 9.47.49 PM.png


Takaful National Aid Fund
Brand Creation & Capacity Building 


I worked on creating a simple identity that every Jordanian can relate to. The project included the following: 1. Creating brand guidelines 2. Creating digital strategy 3. Creating social media content 4. Social media training to NAF employees. 


Portico Pop Up Bar
Brand Building & 

Creating a 360 branding project and managing the brand from A to Z. 

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