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You are a unique person who got characteristics that make you different than any other living creature. Sadly, few people know how to reflect their inner values, which create a lot of first impression issues. You have to realise that you are a brand and by default any brand needs clear visuals that reflect the brand essence. Obviously in your case, the visuals can be communicated by the outfit & appearance. Your outfit is a room made for you to communicate your values and speak about yourself without a single word. You might ask why is this useful... Maybe you want to impress the HR person who is interviewing you so that you can leave a mark, or you might simply want to stand out in your normal day to day life and leave people with an impressive impact. Fear is not your friend over here. Be brave and unleash your brand essence, which by the end of the day makes you a unique and remarkable person. You are a human being who has a message. Make the efforts to deliver this message and wear your unique personality.



Think carefully about the messages and the values that you want to deliver. The deeper you look inside the better the results will be. Simple examples for inner values to be unleashed and listed (Creative, crazy, geek, organic, goofy and cute, chic or hippy). Sure it varies from one person to another. It can range from one word to a big versatile list. 

A beautiful crazy example is:

Yes, this woman earned it big time. She is a brand by herself, what she says matches her appearance. Constant clear signals are communicated by her simple almost organic dresses without adding a single color on her face or her hair. That clearly shows that this woman is against anything artificial. We can easily see that one of her values is ORGANIC. Applause to this lady and the brand that she created for herself. 


You might be tempted to follow fashion and trends, but it's not based on the beauty of your soul! Some items are made for models only. Make sure to take some time to see what best suites your height, weight, color and above all your values.

Fashion victim title will only harm your reputation & vibes.


It is important to reflect yourself, but do not make the mistake of going to a business dinner wearing your swimsuit if one of your values is to look fresh! After all you want to be taken seriously. Inject your style in a smart way according to the occasion. Belong while adding a simple personal twist that allows you to standout.


If it is GUCCI or simply a local designer that matches your values, go for it... But keep in mind they change their style according to fashion not according to you, so do not be afraid to change to other fashion outlets that better suite your style.


A statement piece or a limited edition piece that reflects your personality is a piece that is worth the price. You can even  create your own piece or play around it with an old piece that you love.

After all we are not the same. Why the hell on planet earth would you want to look like someone else. Standout and make sure that your brand speaks out... Ala Khalil

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