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Peace Artwork

Peace Artwork



This Artwork comes in three sizes: 


- Big Size on canvas: 50x70 CM 

- Medium Size on canvas: 40x50 CM

- Postcard Size: 10x14.5 CM  


Much like flowers in a garden, which do not conflict over their differences but instead work together to enrich the landscape with their myriad colors and unique fragrances, I hope this collection will serve as a call to accept each other differences and live in unity and harmony.


Just like people did in Jerusalem before 1948, my Palestinian grandfather told me. He drew a picture of a land where people coexisted in tranquility, embracing their differences, harmoniously sharing their lives, and embracing each other's languages. This collection pays tribute to that forgotten land that feels like a distant dream in today's reality. Through these artworks, I aim to revive those values that once united one community.



  • Material

    High quality canvas 

PriceFrom $5.64
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